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Permanent lip blush is the process of lining and filling of the lips with pigment to enhance and add color to natural lips. This procedure can often lead to fuller-looking and more vibrant lips that require little to no cosmetic upkeep from the use of traditional cosmetic products such as lipstick or lip liner.

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Giorgia Ozzano
Giorgia Ozzano
Kim is an amazing artist! I’m very happy with the result!
Anette ten Berge
Anette ten Berge
Very happy with this salon! It’s clean and very professional. Kim helped me and she took the time to explain everything before she started. She did the hyperrealism brows on me and the result is amazing!
Dirk en Marjolein
Dirk en Marjolein
Very happy with my new eyebrows!! Kim is very professional and a real artist!!
Marleen van der Berg
Marleen van der Berg
Kim werkt uiterst precies en neemt uitgebreid de tijd voor een perfect resultaat. Ik ben heel blij met m’n nieuwe wenkbrauwen, ze zien er super natuurlijk uit, ik krijg veel complimenten. Thanks Kim!
Pauline Wiewel
Pauline Wiewel
It was an amazing experience! The details of her work speak for themself. She is a true artist and i had no worries at all. A pro and so nice to be around. My eyebrows are everything i wanted AND MORE!
I have been meaning to write a review for Kim for awhile now as it’s been almost a year since she did my eyebrows, but I can say that I am still so happy with them! I was very nervous to get them done but Kim is truly an artist who shapes your eyebrows perfectly to match your face and the brushstrokes she creates look so natural! I also appreciated that she takes the time to inform you fully on the process and gives her honest advice on if it’s the right option for you to go ahead with based on your skin type etc… I have 4 other friends who have had their brows done by Kim and all of them are super happy with the results.
Kim is an eyebrow technician, micro-blading genius. Naturally, I was very nervous about getting this procedure done, I have never had anything done let alone on my face but I was in good company with Kim. She is extremely professional, thorough and does a brilliant job all around. She is a perfectionist and takes pride in her work and it shows through the detail and care she takes with each of her clients. I highly recommend her services and look forward to my future re-touch. Amsterdam is very lucky to have her here. Thank you, Kim!!
Meike Sorg
Meike Sorg
I got my brows done by Kim two days ago using machinestroke technique. I wanted a very natural, fuller look - and I’m extremely happy with the results. Kim took her time to precisely draw the shape of my brows and revising every small detail. She is very professional and a true artist! I felt very well taken care of - I would 100% recommend!
Kim is heel professioneel en adviseert goed. Ben erg blij met de behandeling en t resultaat is echt verbluffend mooi. Dank Kim!


Lip Blush Amsterdam
Permanente Makeup
permanente makeup

More About Lip Blush

Permanent makeup, also called micro pigmentation, is the process of using ink or pigment to create the look of typical cosmetics that do not need to be reapplied or removed from the skin.

The most common forms of permanent makeup are lip blush, permanent eyeliner, and eyebrow liner.

Permanent makeup can allow you to feel and look your best without the hassle of applying or touching up traditional cosmetics throughout your busy day. 

However, despite the tendency for permanent makeup to fade slightly over time, the possibility of pigment residue remaining on the skin prevents it from being referred to as semi-permanent makeup.

Permanent lip blush is wonderful as its long-lasting capabilities enable makeup wearers to forego the constant application of lipstick. 

How Easily Can Permanent Lip Blush Be Removed?

The concept of permanent cosmetic tattoos can seem daunting to many, and it is common for people to question whether permanent makeup can be removed easily. It is always important to treat permanent makeup application as a long-lasting procedure. It is recommended that you are quite certain about the procedure prior to receiving any treatments. Making sure to locate a talented professional that specializes in these types of cosmetic procedures can also help minimize any uncertainty that you may have. Cosmetic tattoo removal procedures differ for each type of cosmetic tattoo and usually depend on whether ink or pigment was used during the application.

Some methods are used to remove or minimize the appearance of cosmetic tattoos such as laser removal or pigment lightening creams, but each client should treat cosmetic tattoos as quite permanent procedures. Nowadays, most cosmetic tattoos are administered using pigment rather than traditional tattoo ink. This can often mean that traditional laser tattoo removal might not be the most effective manner of removal for these tattoos. In cases where pigment is used rather than traditional tattoo ink, saline tattoo removal procedures may be utilized to minimize the appearance of the tattoo.

How Is Permanent Lip Blush Applied To The Face?

Permanent lip blush is a form of cosmetic tattooing where trained professionals use an extremely small needle to inject small amounts of pigment all over the lips. Tiny puncture holes are made across the surface of the lips to properly distribute the lip blush.

How Long Will Lip Blush Last?

Permanent lip blush will usually last up to 2 years before a reapplication is recommended. This reapplication period can change between unique customers depending on lifestyle factors such as sun exposure or variable weather conditions.

Lip blush reapplication can be more frequent than other types of permanent cosmetic makeup procedures as the lips are relied on quite heavily in everyday life. Due to their dynamic nature and frequent movement to eat, drink, and communicate, permanent lip pigment can fade slightly faster than other forms of permanent cosmetics.

What Are The Different Lip Blush Styles?

There are various stylistic choices of application where lip blush is concerned. Some clients may be interested in an even distribution of color across the entire surface of the lips to create bolder and more defined looks. Whereas other clients may opt for a more ombre-like effect for their permanent lip blush. This style frequently deposits higher concentrations of pigment around the outer edges of the lips before tapering off into a lighter pigmentation near the center. The style of permanent lip blush can help to achieve a more natural finish that naturally accentuates the shape of the lips.

Oftentimes, lip blushing is referred to as a specific style of permanent lip cosmetic application, which emphasizes a more subtle administration of pigment where the color blends in with the natural finish of the lips. This style choice allows lips to appear more nourished and dewier. Many people look to neutralize darker lip pigmentation with permanent lip blushing. The process of cosmetic lip tattooing can help to highlight more pink tones to balance or minimize the appearance of darker tones on the lips. This application process to neutralize darker tones can help to maintain the fresh lipstick look throughout the day.

Permanent lip blush application usually takes anywhere between 40 to 50 minutes, making the process relatively quick for long-lasting lip pigmentation.

How Painful Is The Application Of Permanent Lip Blush?

The permanent lip blush tattoo application is known to be one of the more painful permanent cosmetic makeup procedures. Lips are known to be quite sensitive and therefore the lip tattoo process can be uncomfortable, however taking a pain reliever that does not thin your blood before the procedure can help to minimize any discomfort. Many profesionals also numb your lips before the procedure, which usually helps minimize the discomfort felt throughout the process.

Who Should Get Permanent Lip Blush?

If you are interested in attaining beautifully colored lips or are working toward the neutralization of dark lips, and want to avoid the hassle of reapplying lipstick, permanent lip blush is a wonderful alternative. With minimal side effects such as swelling, redness, and pain, the benefits of permanent lip blush are apparent. If you have preexisting skin conditions that may complicate the procedure, always refer to a physician before seeking out permanent lip blush.

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