Which Treatment Is Right For You?

Microblading vs Blade & Shade

Currently, I offer two treatments:

1) Microblading

2) Microblading with manual shading (blade & shade)

Below I will explain the difference between the two treatments so you can decide which treatment is suitable for you.



Microblading consists of fine hair-like strokes etched into the upper layer of the skin.  The look is very natural and soft once healed.

Suitable if:

  • You want a very natural look
  • You don’t often wear eyebrow make-up
  • You already have good eyebrow hair but want to enhance the shape
  • You have dry to normal skin

Not suitable if:

  • You have old PMU that you want to cover up
  • You have very oily skin


This treatment consists of full Microblading treatment, including soft shading inbetween the Microbladed strokes for a fuller effect.

Suitable if:

  • You have uneven amounts of hair in your eyebrows

  • You have eyebrows that are not symmetrical

  • You have old PMU

  • You have very little to no hair

  • You have oily skin

  • You desire a bolder look, a makeup look, whilst still looking natural

Not suitable if:

  • You don’t want bold brows