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Microblading hair strokes



Includes 6-week touch up

Fine hair-like strokes etched into the upper layer of the skin.  The look is very natural and soft once healed.

  • Very natural effect
  • Suitable for those who don’t often wear eyebrow make-up
  • Great for enhancing the shape of existing brow
  • Perfect for dry to normal skin
  • Not suitable for oily skin
  • Lasts 1-2 years depending on skin type and lifestyle




Includes 6-week touch up

Performed with a tattoo machine to achieve a soft powdered finish with a gradient towards the front of the brow.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Recommended for oily skin
  • A fuller, soft makeup effect
  • Great for covering old permanent makeup
  • Lasts 1-3 years depending on skin type and lifestyle


Eyebrow shading



Includes 6-week touch up

A mix of Microblading and Powder Brows to achieve the natural strokes while adding depth with powder shading.

  • Suitable for dry to normal skin
  • For those who want a full, bold brow
  • Great for those who tend to wear makeup each day
  • Good for covering up old PMU
  • Last 1-2 years depending on skin type and lifestyle


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